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Latest News... Samsung Galaxy S II bump to 1.2Ghz and launch on time that plan!!

Alright people put a mark back in the month of May on your calendars because contrary to what was revealed earlier Samsung says that its dual-core Galaxy S II will be launched in April as originally planned. Though Samsung reminds that market availability will depend on local launch timelines. We’re hoping that this doesn’t change the Malaysia launch that is rumoured to be in May.
We have been talking for a while now about the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone. We heard not too long ago that the smartphone was getting a faster processor clock speed with a speed bump to 1.2GHz. There were also rumors floating around at the same time that the phone would be delayed until May or June.
Samsung has confirmed via a Tweet that the Galaxy S II will launch in April as was originally planned. That is good news for the fans of the device that are planning to buy one. Other than the 1.2GHz speed, the specs are the same. The smartphone will run the Tegra 2 processor in some areas.
In other areas, it will use the Exynos dual-core Cortex A9. Both the Tegra and Samsung chips will run at the same speed. We still don’t know what region will get what processor; I would prefer the Tegra version myself.

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