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See the HOTTEST TAB.. Samsung galaxy Tab 10.1 HERE !! FULL REVIEW !

Welcome to the top spot, Samsung.

The outstanding Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Honeycomb tablet is lighter and a hair thinner than the Apple iPad 2, and has a smaller footprint than either the Motorola Xoom or the Acer Iconia Tab A500, which are heavier and bulkier than most tablets.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a major contender.
We reviewed the short-lived Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1V already, but that thicker and heavier device has since been discontinued (It looked as if Vodafone might pick up the 10.1V tab but it is now waiting to release the newer 10.1 model).

The only other important players in the tablet market, are the brilliant 10.1-inch Asus Eee Pad Transformer as well as the BlackBerry PlayBook and the HTC Flyer, which are both so-so 7-inch models.
Oh, and keep your eye on the HP TouchPad which goes on sale in the UK next month. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is currently slated to go on sale in the UK at the end of July/beginning of August.
samsung galaxy tab 10.1
So what sets the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 apart? For starters, this is one light and thin tablet. At just 8.6mm, it is 0.2mm thinner than the iPad 2. And you know what? At 565g it's also 36g lighter.
It's as though someone at Samsung sat down and demanded that the 10.1 have world-beating raw system specs.
samsung galaxy tab 10.1
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a marvel of engineering, given its size. Holding one in your hand, you might mistake it for a truncated version of a Samsung LED HDTV, which are also market leaders. There's a slight edge around the screen that is not touch enabled, a silver edge, and an all-white back.
samsung galaxy tab 10.1
The device just feels right. Unlike the Acer Iconia A500 and the Motorola Xoom, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 finds that ideal balance between a pick-up-and go e-book reader such as the Amazon Kindle 3 and a 10-inch tablet that's perfect for watching movies on a long car trip.
By including Android Honeycomb (version 3.1 to be exact) Samsung has also one-upped the competition (though 3.1 has also already landed on the Transformer). The point release includes a few new additions. You can resize widgets and scroll through open apps in the pop-up thumbnails for the "recent apps" list.
samsung galaxy tab 10.1
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 doesn't have a USB port, so it doesn't take advantage of the new Android 3.1 feature to support USB-connected peripherals which is a shame, but that's not the direction Samsung is going with this tablet. This is all about pick-up-and-go functionality and portability.
Samsung actually downgraded the built-in camera on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 compared to the Galaxy Tab 10.1V, which had an 8MP rear camera. Still, the new model has a 3MP rear camera, which is three times higher than the Apple iPad 2's camera. There's also a front-facing 2MP camera.
There are quite a few interesting perks and additions on this tablet. Some may seem underwhelming at first, but as a whole they give Apple a good run for the prize.
samsung galaxy tab 10.1

What u need to know in Samsung Chromebook Series 5. Review !

Cloud computing is a term we've heard with increasing frequency recently.
It's the idea that our usual computing tasks are not run by the hardware in our computers, but instead on powerful servers connected to your machine via the internet.
Operating systems on netbooks and laptops are still firmly tethered to the hardware, with Windows 7 and Linux distros being the OSes of choice. Into this fray comes Google's Chrome OS, an operating system designed to drag laptops and netbooks into the cloud.
The machines that run Chrome OS are known as Chromebooks, and Samsung is ahead of the pack by releasing the first Chromebook in the UK – the Samsung Chromebook Series 5.
For more information on what Chrome OS is all about, check out our guide: Google Chromebooks - what you need to know.
samsung chromebook
As the first of its kind with no immediate competitors - an Acer Chromebook has been announced by Google but Acer has yet to confirm if we will see it in the UK - the Samsung Chromebook faces some interesting challenges.
samsung chromebook
While it launches with no other competition from Chromebooks, it's currently solely responsible for persuading consumers to move from the more familiar Windows operating system to Chrome's browser-based interface, and to encourage early adopters to embrace the new technology.
The Samsung Chromebook Series 5 also needs to set the bar for what we can expect from this new breed of computer.
samsung chromebook

Nokia in Android 2.3 OS.. See how was it !

Lots of people, us included, are still wondering what could have been if Nokia had gone for Android rather than WP7 as their main platform. Well thanks to a leaked prototype today we have the chance to get a glimpse of that alternative universe, where Nokia likes its smartphones full of green droids.
The prototype resembles the recently announced N9 and the Nokia WP7 prototype that we saw yesterday. It is running on a stock version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but judging by the size of those icons its resolution might be higher than WVGA.

АA Nokia prototype running on Android
Now there's always the chance that the images could be fake. Yet they come from the same source that brought us Nokia's first WP7 device back in May, which turned out real yesterday we feel we can trust him on this one too. In the end, we will never know what it could have been, so this leak could be as much a closure as we are going to get.

Sea Ray- Nokia;s first Windows Phone 7 device first review..

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the first Nokia WP7 device. Introduced by no other than the company CEO, Stephen Elop in what he thought was a camera-free environment. Despite his confidentiality plea someone couldn't resist the temptation and shared a few photos and a quick video with us.

We don't know if Stephen Elop is really so naive as to believe that no one will take a shot of one of the most hotly anticipated devices of the year or this is just a clever way to gain some publicity, but it doesn't matter really. What matter is that we got to see first Nokia WP7 handset a few months ahead of its official announcement.
And here it comes - Nokia's first WP7 device codenamed Sea Ray (possibly the W8-00):

Nokia codenamed Sea Ray
As you can see the device is very similar to the recently announced Nokia N9, but has a dedicated hardware camera key, different LED placement and, of course, it is running on Windows Phone 7 with the Mango update.

Nokia See Ray running on Windows Phone 7 Mango
So, there you have it - Nokia has at least one sweet-looking Windows Phone 7 smartphone in the pipeline. We'll have to wait more for the official announcement and see if there will be another device to join it.
Here is a short extract from the original video:

For the full-length video just hit the source link below.

Funny Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S 2 vs iPhone 4 vs "Stone"... LOL

Melaka Nadeje cake shop (mille crepe) special intro.. with photo and movie and new special cake !!!

let me 1st intro the original...
original.. is the best..
u can really feel the mille crepe special..

and now.. how's the shop look like?
it's a nadeje word ther......... with blue colour design...

see the shop interior design...

and actually.. this shop being intro by lot of magazine and also tv station..
lot of the tv program got intro about this..

then let's see see other's special cake...

First MeeGO powered smartphone. Nokia N9 Hands on Review

The Nokia N9 is the first MeeGo-powered smartphone from the Finns, and we certainly hope it won't be the last because it's actually a rather decent piece of kit.
The unibody polycarbonate chassis might feel a little plasticky to the touch, but it seamlessly integrates into the glass 3.9-inch OLED panel, which offers ClearBlack display technology to make the dark bits darker and the colours more vivid than ever before.
TechRadar used our time with the phone wisely, and managed to bag some time for a quick video preview of the new Nokia N9 as well as the plethora of photos below:
Like the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, the Nokia N9 design team has worked to improve the quality of the screen by bringing it closer to the glass, making it look darker than ever when the screen is turned off.
Nokia n9 review
The chassis of the phone is pretty much free from buttons, save for the volume and power keys on the right hand side. There's no physical home button, with Nokia preferring to use an innovative swipe gesture to navigate around.
Nokia n9 review

Leak of the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3. included the processing power, camera. + review

iPhone 5
A flurry of new information has leaked on the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 including processing power, camera info, and a possible bump in resolution for Apple's tablet.

Another day, another round of Apple rumors. The latest drop of information comes from Bloomberg, which reports that the next iPhone, which we’ve been calling the iPhone 5, will have a number of expected performance upgrades to its processor and camera. It looks like the delay until September has been explained as well. While Apple usually debuts new iPhones every June, its extensive set of upgrades in iOS 5 have delayed the process. We expect that the steadily high sales of the iPhone 4 have not hurt this decision.
The new phone will have an 8-megapixel camera, up from the 5-megapixel iPhone 4, and will be powered by an A5 processor, the chip that powers the iPad 2 and is said to be about twice as fast as the current iPhone 4 chip. On the iPad 3 front, rumors have, once again, resurfaced that Apple will bump up the resolution of the tablet by about a third. While not quite a Retina display like the iPhone 4, this bump will come with an increase in screen responsiveness as well, which is exciting considering the iPad is, by far, the most responsive tablet on the market (the iPhone still has the most responsive smartphone screen). This rumor makes a bit of sense, as most Android tablets have had no trouble matching the iPad’s resolution thus far.
It looks like Apple is indeed working on a cheaper version of the iPhone in an effort to help compete with Android for the price conscious consumer here and in developing countries. The insides of the device will resemble an iPhone 4, but may have a smaller overall footprint, which is odd, considering most phones keep getting bigger these days. Leave it to Apple to buck the trend, we suppose.
Finally, Apple may stop guaranteeing that all iOS apps run on older models, such as the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, someone told Bloomberg. This is interesting news, especially considering how crippled the iPhone 3G already is, thanks to Apple’s software update process. It looks like it may be time to upgrade, frugal Applers.
Of course, this information is only as good as Bloomberg’s source, which was anonymous. For a good rundown of some other recent iPhone 5 rumors, like its 4-inch screen and tear-drop design, head to our last rumor post.


Angry Birds Seasons has been updated, enjoy 30 new levels of Summer Pignic

Angry Birds Seasons has been updated to celebrate summer. You can enjoy 30 new levels for Summer Pignic, but only 1 level can be unlocked each day. This is similar to the Christmas update they did last year.
It is available now in the Android Market, If you have installed it from another source, like the Amazon Appstore, no word on when you will be able to get it. It shouldn’t be long though. Hit the source link for the market link or hit our apps database for the QR code.
[via android market]

Samsung Galaxy S 2 Maxis Data Plan package

u can have as low as RM1199 for the Samsung galaxy S2 package... for those already miss out the RM799 early bird package....

Nokia N9 Hands-On Review... with MeeGo powered smartphone...

We all knew it was coming - the first MeeGo-powered smartphone from Nokia, emerging in the shape of the N9.

We spent some time with the Nokia N9 to test out its new MeeGo user interface, including a split home screen that covers multi-tasking, a list of applications and notifications.

The speed of the 1GHz processor was impressed, especially compared to Nokias of the past, and the polycarbonate chassis really sits well in the hand.

In fact, the whole pseudo-buttonless design of the Nokia N9 is impressive, and it will come in magenta, cyan and black, with the colours scheme running the entire way through the chassis to stop unsightly scratches.
Here's hoping this isn't the one and only MeeGo phone from Nokia, as it's actually rather good - so check out our video hands on to see the new phone in all its glory:

Car that use water only? no petrol? new invent Water Fueled Car...

Tired of pumping expensive gasoline into your car? Well one Japanese company reveals an eco-friendly car that runs on water, using the company's generating system, which converts water into electrical power - possibly the world's first.

All you need is a liter of water - any kind of water to be exact, whether its river, rain, sea water, or even Japanese tea.
Genepax unveiled a car that runs on water in the western Japanese city of Osaka. They say it's an electric powered car that runs solely on hydrogen dioxide.

[Kiyoshi Hirasawa, Genepax CEO]:
"The main characteristic of this car is that no external input is needed. The car will continue to run as long as you have a bottle of water inside for you to add from time to time."

According to Japanese broadcaster TV Tokyo, once the water is poured into a water tank at the back of the car, the newly invented energy generator takes out the hydrogen from the water, releases electrons and finally generates electrical power.

[Kiyoshi Hirasawa, Genepax CEO]:
"We highly recommend our system since it does not require you to build up an infrastructure to recharge your batteries, which is usually the case for most electric cars."

According to the Genepax, 1 liter of water keeps the car running for about an hour with a speed of 80 kilometers or 50 miles an hour.

The company has just applied for a patent and is hoping to collaborate with Japanese automobile manufacturers to mass manufacture their invention in the very near future.

McNugget Buy 1 Get 1 Free !! Get ur McDonald Lovin' Mid Month promotion-

McDonald’s Lovin’ Mid-Month Special 

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Spec and Price for New Myvi lagi best 2011. with photos !!!

Majlis Pelancaran Myvi 2011
Pada 16 Jun yang lalu, akhir nya Perodua Myvi yang baru telah di lancarkan oleh YAB Timbalan Perdana Menteri Malaysia,Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin di PWTC. Model ini di datang kan dengan enjin 1.3L (sama seperti model Myvi sebelum nya cume mutu luaran (exterior) yang di pertingkatkan.

Sebelum ini, ada ura-ura mengatakan bahawa, Perodua akan mengeluarkan Myvi edisi baru ini dengan enjin berkapasiti 1.5L tetapi akhir nyer, penantian itu hanya lah suatu andaian.Perodua masih mengekal kan enjin 1.3L pada model terbaru nya.Tidak mengapa lah, janji mampu milik dan roadtax insuran tak mahal sangat bukan? :-)
Ok, di bawah adalah harga-harga untuk model baru Myvi 2011:
Variant1.3 Standard1.3 Premium1.3 Elegance
Special MetallicRM44,800RM47,800RM47,700RM50,800
Harga myvi baru 2011 ini masih kekal pada tahap mampu milik di kalangan masyarakat Malaysia.Apa-apa pun, pada pandangan peribadi saya, mutu kereta Perodua adalah tinggi.Saya sendiri memandu Myvi 1st model dan alhamdulillah, sampai sekarang tiada masalah besar yang melibat kan kereta saya.mantainance still low and yang paling penting, save poket untuk duit minyak..:-)
Saya attach kan lagi gambar-gambar Myvi 2011 ini:
Double Din Panel terbaharu- canggih dan ada GPS..LIKE !!

Firefox 5 web browser RELEASE now ! FREE DOWNLOAD !!


Firefox 5 is available now
It's only three months since Mozilla outed the official Firefox 4 browser, but the fifth generation is already ready to roll.
The Firefox 5 release candidate emerged on Mozilla's ftp server over the weekend, and barring a few tweaks here and there, the complete version is now available to download.
The official release has been slated for Tuesday, if you want to hold-off until then.
The new version of the browser isn't as much of a departure from Firefox 4 as its predecessor was to Firefox 3, but offers easier access to the do-not-track setting which stops advertisers following you.


PS3 now lighter, leaner and low powered... it's go GREEN now !


PS3 - slimmer of the month
Sony is on the verge of releasing a new model of PlayStation 3, which offers lower power, less weight and a few minor external changes.
Although originally just a rumour from a retailer claiming to have been briefed on the new console, the CECH-3000B PS3 model has since surfaced on Sony's Japanese PlayStation site, with release date listed as from June 2011.

Power down
Power consumption on the new 320GB model has been chopped down to 200W from 230W on the previous iteration.

Weight Watchers has clearly been working out for the PS3 too; it has dropped 400g, with the CECH-3000B model weighing in at 2.6kg.

It's not clear exactly what's changed about the console's appearance, although the consensus seems to be that some kind of change has been made to the power and eject buttons, and that some LED lamps have been removed.

PAPAGO M7免费下载。 crack version PAPAGO M7 FREE DOWNLOAD !!


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