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still use iPad 2... outdated loo... motorola Xoom better !! Review of Motorola Xoom vs Apple iPad 2..

What a treat this week. So far I’ve only briefly had a chance to see the new Apple iPad 2, and not at all for the Motorola Xoom. So to spend some time with both was delightful. But now that begs the question, which is more stylish? Apple or Motorola, iOS or Honeycomb? So let’s dive in!

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I’ll start off with the iPad 2. I still feel the same way as I did about the original: to me it is just a big iPod touch. iOS is familiar — so familiar that there is nothing different to look at besides it being on a bigger screen. So, as far as iOS, it isn’t as stylish as when first introduced. As far as the hardware, it looks good. Thinner and available in Black or White — all good perks, but just not enough to make the newer model as “magical” as the first.

On the other hand the Motorola Xoom surprised me. Not so much for the hardware; that I wasn’t feeling too much. This was my first real opportunity to play with a Honeycomb OS device and Honeycomb is hot! I can understand why Google may not want OEMs tinkering with it. The interface is smooth and felt futuristic. I really enjoyed using the Honeycomb OS, and this actually got me excited about an Android tablet.

While the Motorola Xoom may not be the tablet I’d want to use, hopefully another manufacturer will make a device that is nice like the iPad 2, but with Honeycomb. That is the killer combo right there, Apple hardware with Honeycomb!

Can I pick a clear winner? That is a tough one. If I had to choose, I would go with the Motorola Xoom. It’s interface is enough to make me live with the hardware

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