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the 8 BEST iPad Application... HOT and MUST DOWNLOAD !

If you've been fortunate enough to get your hands on a new iPad 2, you'll know that it's a very powerful piece of kit.
Yes, so it's very slim and all, but what actually matters is that Apple A5 dual-core processor, improved graphics and new gyroscope – meaning that developers have been rushing to update their apps .
So here are a few of the best new ones – along with older apps that run better on the new iPad.
1. PhotoBooth - Free (included with iPad 2)
A staple of the iPad 2's starter apps, PhotoBooth takes advantage of the iPad's dual cameras to bring you stupid pictures of yourself. Yes, it is a novelty app, but it's one that might make you smile. Or, more probably, make young'uns chuckle at the sight of themselves with silly effects applied. You can share photos or save them to the Camera Roll. Even though it's a funny little app, there's still some hefty graphics processing involved, not to mention the requirement for the iPad 2 cameras.
2. iMovie - £2.99
Since you can shoot 720p video on the iPad 2 too, it makes shooting and publishing quick-fire family movies a real doddle. It might cost, but it's a steal – iMovie has been completely reinvented for iPad 2 and it really is a top app. It does need the intensive dual-core A5 processing of the iPad 2 –it's far more powerful than the iPhone 4 version, for example.
3. RealRacing 2 HD - £5.99
The follow up to Real Racing and RealRacing 2RealRacing 2 HD is seriously good – and seriously absorbing. Control with the iPad 2's gyro is excellent and we really like the responsiveness when you get used to it. And then there's the enhanced graphics – and this is where the iPad 2 really plays its part. The app can be used with the iPad 2 HDMI connector to support 1080p HD out with an HD TV. What's more, while you can see the racing on your TV, the iPad 2 will also show you real-time telemetry and your position on the track. Simply ace.
RealRacing 2 hd
4. GarageBand - £2.99
Like iMovie, this is another cracking app direct from Apple. The best thing about using it on iPad 2 is the performance, while the look of the instruments is fantastic. However, it does work great on the original iPad. Many seasonedGarageBand users actually prefer using it on iPad than the original Mac version. The Smart Instruments are pretty cool, while you can also export music to iTunes.
5. Jenga HD - £0.59
Jenga HD is available at this price – 80 per cent off – for a "limited period" so you have our apologies if the app's pricing has risen by the time you read this article. Jenga on the iPad is seriously absorbing and comes complete without the real-life Jenga problem of spilt drinks. Jenga HD has gyroscope control for greater accuracy on the iPad 2.
Jenga 2 hd
6. Pages - £5.99
Why Pages? Simply because it works like a dream on iPad 2. It's already a great app for the original iPad, but the A5's power means it works like a dream and the graphics are superb.
7. Pocketbooth HD - £1.19
As the original iPad doesn't have a camera, Pocketbooth HD is a version of the iPhone app for the new iPad. It enables you to take a strip of photos with different effects and then email them off, publish them on Facebook or Twitter or just save them to your camera roll. If you have AirPrint enabled, you can print them off, too.
Photobooth hd
8. Angry Birds Rio HD - £1.79
How many Angry Birds apps do you need? Well, several, judging by its popularity. Here's the latest installment which some have labelled as the best yet. And the graphics look outstanding on iPad 2.
AngryBirds rio hd


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