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28 sens for 10mins ??? we can talk till CRAZY !!! ~ Xpax ~

Celcom Prepaid – Xpax has revised its plan with more affordable rates in conjunction with its Kolony social network launch. Now they are offering calls as low as 28 sen per 10 minutes for calls within Celcom or 28 sen per 5 minutes for other networks. SMS rates too have gone down at 1 sen per SMS for same network and 5 sen per SMS for others.
This is good for those who make lots of long calls as you get to talk long for cheap. However looking at the comparison with their old Xpax plans, they have dropped the 15pax which offers even lower rates per minute for 15 friends and family.
For more information, head to Xpax’s page here. Comparison table between old and new Xpax plans after the break.

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