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BMW new i3 and revamped i8 concepts review !!!

BMW's been teasing us with its vision for electric motoroing for years, and today, folks, the trend continues. The German automaker has unveiled two concepts from its upcoming i sub-brand: the city-dwelling i3 and a rehashed version of its i8. This is the first time we've officially seen the smaller of the two, as the car formerly known as the Megacity had only been spied in an official render and during routine testing at the arctic circle. It'll haul four peeps with its 150km range (around 100 miles) and accelerate from 0-60mph in around 8 seconds. As for those with range anxiety, the German company will soothe such fears with an optional range-extending motor dubbed "REx." Either variant could land in your garage in 2013, where you'll be able top them up in 6 hours with a standard socket, or up to eighty percent in an hour if you're rocking a spiffy high capacity charger.

The i8, which you'll recall for its radical aerodynamic design and hybrid diesel-electric drivetrain, has received a bevy of aerodynamic tweaks and junked its oil burner, opting for a gasoline one instead. Engine swap aside, the sporty coupé apparently drinks only 2.7 liters per 100km -- 87 mpg (!) for yanks -- which is unreal in a car that'll accelerate to 62mph in 4.6 seconds. Sound too good to be true? We'll have to wait until 2014 to see if München can make good on those promises, but in the meantime feel free to peruse the galleries, videos, and PR after the break.

Microsoft Excel tutorial and shortcuts key, save u lot of time !

Tutorial: Cut down the time you spend with your spreadsheets

If you want to create a chart in Excel, you don't need to use the Chart Wizard - just press F11
Start speeding up the way you use Office Excel by setting it up to reflect your personal needs.
Open Options from the Tools menu, File ribbon or Office button, then work your way through the options on offer. Set up how many worksheets you prefer new workbooks to contain from the General section, and choose a default format and location new files are saved to from the Save section.
When entering data, make use of the Fill Handle to dramatically speed up data entry - just type in a figure, then click and drag the fill handle down or to the right to duplicate the number or formula in each of the selected cells.
The Fill Handle can also speed up entering a row or column of consecutive dates, including days, months or years. Type the first entry as normal, then click and drag using the right mouse button - if you've typed Monday, for example, you can fill out weekdays or all seven days of the week as you drag by selecting the appropriate option.
The Fill Handle isn't much use for entering the same figure in non-adjacent cells, but there's a workaround. Select the cells you wish to include by Ctrl-clicking each, then type the cell reference, number or absolute formula before pressing Ctrl and Return.
Navigating a large spreadsheet can be a real hassle, so instead of manually scrolling to the cell in question, simply type it into the Name box and press Return to jump straight to it.
If you frequently use a specific figure, such as VAT, in your workbook calculations, save time by defining it as a constant - switch to the Formulas ribbon and choose Define Name. Type the term (VAT in our example) into the Name box and its amount (20) into the Refers to box before clicking on OK. Now just type VAT instead of 20 into your formulas, and when the VAT rate next changes, you can update the entire workbook to the new rate simply by changing the figure for VAT in the Name Manager.
The quickest way to enter an unknown formula is to click the fx button and then follow the wizard to choose the appropriate one for your needs. Office Excel 2007 and 2010 users will also find a host of formulas conveniently organised into categories on the Formulas tab.
When copying and pasting formulas from one cell to another, they're treated as relative, which means the cell references are based on where the cells are in relation to the cell containing the formula. Quickly create absolute formula references using the $ character, so cell A1 becomes $A$1, for example.
Last, but not least, if you need to style your spreadsheet in Office Excel 2007 or 2010, make use of the Cell Styles function instead of manually highlighting or colouring cells. Select an already formatted cell, then click the Cell Styles button on the Home tab and choose New Style. Name it up and click OK - in future, click Cell Styles again to format your cells from the Custom section.
Quick-fire charts
The quickest and easiest way to create a chart in Office Excel isn't Chart Wizard - just select the cells you wish to include in your chart and then press F11. The Chart Wizard is bypassed and a chart instantly appears on the screen.
Once that's done, just right-click on the various elements to customise the chart.

Excel shortcuts
Alt and Return: Start a new line in the current cell instead of moving to the next one.

Bank Negara Malaysia issue new coins 5sens, 10sens, 20sens & 50sens. photo revealed !

Bank Negara Malaysia will issuing the new third issue of coins beginning next year !!!

Bank Negara Malaysia will replace the current coins now in circulation with a new design that will be lighter and harder to counterfeit, said the central bank at 25/07/2011...

The 50 sen coin will weigh 5.66g and is made from nickel brass clad in copper, while the nickel-brass 20 sen coin weighs in 4.18g.
The 10 sen coin will tip the scales at 2.98g and is made from stainless steel, while the 5 sen coin, which is also stainless steel, weighs 1.72g.
The new coins all feature a hibiscus motif on the front while the 50 sen coin will have pea tendrils on the back. The 20 sen coin will feature a jasmine flower, the 10 sen coin an Orang Asli weave pattern, and the 5 sen coin a Kadazan Dusun “destar siga” cloth design.
Commemorative coin sets are available for RM10 at the Bank Negara headquarters and branches starting tomorrow.
Apart from the new coins, the first in 20 years and only the third in Malaysia’s coin series, Zeti also said that the prime minister will also be launching a new bank note series in September.

FAQ from Bank Negara Malaysia

1. Why is BNM introducing the new third series of Malaysian coins?

Tips/Tricsk to save ur phone battery !!! make ur phone battery last longer by 22 method here !!!

Some of you may remember that a long time ago I wrote an article that had 18 little tidbits that could help your phone last longer. This article will be updating it since the post is now dated. If you still wish to see it, you can find it here. In a day in age where how long something lasts seems to be the be all end all (zing), you might find yourself in a place where you need to stretch your batteries life as far as you can. Whether it be for a long car/plane ride, lack of a charger for a long time, or whatever your reason is, we’ve all had those times where we’ve monitored our battery like someone was trying to steal it.  There are tips for new users, more experienced users, and even root users.
These tricks have been assembled from throughout my days as an Android enthusiast and battery connoisseur (and as an Evo owner,  the media might like to make you believe that last one is impossible). Like with the first article I must warn you: Do not try and do all of these at once. I’m borderline obsessed with my battery and even I only pick and choose which to use throughout my day. If you spend all your time staring at your battery percentage and micro managing all of these tips you’ll ruin your Android experience. The tips will increase in “expected Android knowledge” as they go (so the first few will be for complete newbies while the last ones will be meant for vets), but if you have any questions about them please ask! Also, tips noted in italics are currently up to debate in the Android world. This means that there is a lot of debate back and forth whether about whether or not they work. However, if they’ve made this list they’ve persuaded me from my personal testing so I will share them with you.
1) Try not to use live wallpapers a lot

I’ll be the first to admit that live wallpapers are really cool. However, live wallpapers use a lot of battery life. Your screen has to constantly be changing, it uses up memory, and it draws resources from your phone. I still have a few to show off to friends, but if you can avoid using them all the time you’ll notice a dramatic increase in how long your battery lasts.
2) Set your screen timeout to something personal
Every phone has the option to change the length in time between the last action and when your screen turns off. If you’re someone who consistently forgets to lock your phone/turn your screen off, it might be a good idea to set your screen timeout to something smaller like 2-3 minutes. If you’re someone who reads a lot or (for whatever reason) needs your screen on for long periods of time without wanting to worry about constantly unlocking it you should probably try something bigger. Turning your screen on and off can reduce your battery life almost as much as leaving it on and letting it dim. So if you know you’re going to be checking the weather every 30 seconds set your screen time out for something longer so you don’t have to keep unlocking it.
3) Use the app Juicedefender

Facebook for iPad review !!!

The Facebook for iPad app has been prematurely revealed, after the social network pushed out an updated version of its iPhone software that secretly contained code for the tablet. Using a new side-swiped left hand menu bar, the new app relies on a combination of HTML5 and native code, TechCrunch spotted, to allow access to a user’s Wall, info, photos and friends, along with friend requests, Facebook Chat and Facebook Places.

Version 3.4.4 of the Facebook app for iOS appears to be a Universal Binary – i.e. the same download will eventually be used for both iPhone and iPad users – and so despite being billed as merely a minor update (restoring the “Send” button for comments and chat, for instance) in fact it’s a far bigger change behind the scenes. Usability-wise it’s already getting glowing reviews, with sensible use of pop-up menus, a Photos gallery that fits in aesthetically with the iPad’s own native app, and responsive mapping in Places.

NEW INVENTIONS: 500GB disc that can hold 20 Bluerays disc !!! 1TB coming soon..


GE's mega-storage disc creation system at work
GE has revealed its latest breakthrough in optical storage technology, a 500GB disc that can store the data equivalent of 20 Blu-ray discs (or five souped-up 100GB Blu-ray discs).
If you haven't upgraded to Blu-ray yet, you may find the DVD equivalent easier to process – the new GE disc can store the data from 100 standard DVDs.
The storage boost is down to GE's scientists finding a way to add up to four metallic layers on which the data is stored, as opposed to on single thin metal layer as found on DVDs.
GE then stacks 20 blue-laser readable layers on the disc, which leaves it with a 500GB capacity.

1TB discs ahead
That's not enough for GE – work is already underway to create micro-holographic discs that can store 1 terabyte of data single-handedly.
But all this mega-storage doesn't mean that the humble disc's days aren't numbered; GE notes that, "There's no reason the micro-holographic layers must take the form of a disc. And GRC team members… remain agnostic about what shape future storage products using the material might assume."
While we won't see these mega-discs in the shops for some time yet – GE says it's "on the path to commercialising this technology" – can they realistically compete with digital storage lockers and external hard drives in the home?

teach u how to change the new facebook chat sidebar back to the original

For those who wants to change the new Facebook chat sidebar back to the original.

For Firefox user
1. Download Greasemonkey (search on Google) ,then install and restart firefox.
2. Go on this page <​/show/107159 >
3. Click the GREEN INSTALL BUTTON on the TOP RIGHT SIDE of the page.
4. Then a window will pop up and it will install it after you click the install button again

For Chrome user​/show/107159
Click the install button on ur right hand top.

Apple news: Mac OS X Lion hands-on + Review in depth !!


Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: our first impressions
It's here, it's clogging up the internet and it's probably put a few people over their monthly bandwidth caps already.
Yes, we mean Lion, the latest version of Apple's desktop and laptop OS. It promises to bring the best of iOS back to the Mac, and there are some interesting new features too. So is it worth the budget price of £20.99?
We'd say yes, but only if your apps will work on it: for example, we found Logic Pro 8 refused to launch once we'd upgraded; if we were musicians rather than writers, that would have been a disaster. As it is, we suspect an update won't be forthcoming, and Logic isn't exactly cheap.
Expect other irregularities too. Lion decided it didn't like our mouse, and decided not to recognise our magic trackpad in a fit of pique.
These are the joys of early adoption: if you're using non-Apple kit or older software or hardware, we'd recommend checking for compatibility before hitting the App Store. Adobe has already published a list of issues and other firms are likely to follow suit.
Mac os x lion

COMPATIBILITY: Make sure your favourite apps are compatible before upgrading. 

Lion's user interface
The new interface is a nice place to be, provided you don't like colour: Apple has leached the colour out of OS X, with the odd blue progress bar lost in a world of endless greys. You'll probably encounter a few minor irritations too, such as the enormous text size in the Finder sidebar and Mail's folder list; you can fix that by going to System Preferences > General > Sidebar Icon Size.
While you're in System Preferences you might want to change another thing - the mouse and trackpad settings, which are set to move content in the direction of finger movement when you scroll - and then use View > Customize to remove any System Preferences icons you don't need.
Mac os x lion

Spider-man 4 at 2012? The amazing Spider-man. A 3D spider-man

see the official trailer...
btw.. it's no state it's spiderman 4. i think it just another spiderman serious...
started from episode 1....

it's wll on 07-03-2012..
stay tuned

review of Sony Tablet with Play station gaming function !!! Sony's S1 and S2 android tablet !!

Curious as to how PlayStation gaming, ereading and multimedia will look on
Sony’s S1 and S2 Android tablets? The company’s latest video teaser has quietly gone live, offering the briefest of glimpses at some of the entertainment options the Honeycomb pair will deliver.

As you’d expect, there’s video playback – including the S1 showing a copy of The Green Hornet – and audio support, but Sony also shows the clamshell S2 running an ereader app. The app itself is unspecified, but it appears to support showing two pages of an ebook simultaneously, one to each of the S2′s 5.5-inch displays.

Finally, there’s a sneaky look at how PlayStation gaming will work on the S2, with a copy of Crash Bandicoot playing on the tablet. Gameplay and a small number of controls are shown on the top screen, but unfortunately we can’t see what’s going on with the lower panel; the assumption, though, is that a D-pad and other buttons are displayed there. Crash Bandicoot is one of the PSOne titles available to Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play owners on the Android smartphone.
Still a mystery are release dates, pricing and even the official names for the S1 and S2, though rumors last week pegged a September pre-order phase for one of the models. You can find the first two episodes of Sony’s teaser here.

[via Android Community]

Hands-on + Review of Android 3.2. Motorola Xoom be the 1st device having it !


The Motorola Xoom is the first device to get Android 3.2
The latest, greatest version of Android has been spotted in the wild: the Android 3.2 update is rolling out to Motorola Xoom owners, and Google's made the Android 3.2 software development kit (SDK) available to developers too.
If you're on an Android tablet, the update should be heading your way - so here's what to expect, where it's likely to turn up and why it isn't coming to a smartphone near you.

The Android 3.2 release date is imminent
Google hasn't specified when the Android 3.2 update will roll out to the various Honeycomb devices out there, but given that it's starting to turn up for Motorola Xoom users it won't be long now. Google says that "Android 3.2 includes a variety of optimisations across the system to ensure a great user experience on a wider range of tablet devices".

The Android 3.2 specs aren't dramatically different
Google promises that the Android 3.2 features will include "a variety of refinements", but to be honest there's nothing really Earth-shattering here: the most obvious new feature is the Compatibility Display Mode, which is clearly designed to address the lack of tablet-specific Android apps.
Compatibility display rescales smartphone-sized apps to tablet-friendly proportions, although if it's anything like iOS - whose 2X button essentially does the same thing - it's no substitute for apps designed with tablet-sized screens in mind.
As Google's Tim Bray puts it, "The effect is that everything is bigger, but also more pixelated" - and he urges developers to "follow our guide to supporting multiple screens so that you can also disable screen compatibility mode and provide a user experience that's optimised for large-screen devices."

Android 3.2 features include SD card syncing
If your device supports SD cards, Android 3.2's new SD Media Sync feature enables you to load media files directly from your SD card. And that's about it for the Android 3.2 features list.

Some Android 3 tablets might actually turn up now we have 3.2
Fed up waiting for the Acer Iconia A100? Wondering when the ranks of Android 3.2 tablets will include the HTC Flyer?. Shouldn't be long now.

There are no Android 3.2 phones
Android 3.2 is the latest version of Honeycomb, the tablet-focused version of Google's OS. For now Android phones are running versions 2.x, and there's no such thing as an Android 3.2 phone - however, come Ice Cream Sandwich, aka Android 4.0, the unified codebase means Android 4.0 tablets and Android 4.0 phones will share the same OS.

Hands-on with Motorola Xoom

Android 3.2 is out and we've got it. Here's a quick rundown of the small changes Google has made to its Android Honeycomb tablet OS.

Yesterday, we received Google’s Android 3.2 update on our Motorola Xoom tablet. Like Android 3.1, this is not an overhaul update of Android 3.0 (Honeycomb), but merely fixes a few things and adds some minor features, with an emphasis on the word ‘minor.’ The new OS version has a few noteworthy features for developers, like support for 7-inch tablets and an extended screen support API that will help them make apps look better across the many screen sizes Android devices now come in, from tiny screens to giant 10.1-inch screens, like our Xoom. Users, well, you’re not going to notice much. The only notable feature of the new release is compatibility zoom mode.
Android 3.2 new features:
  • android-3-2-compat-toggleSupports a wider range of tablets: Google has made a number of small changes to Android Honeycomb to make it look and run better on smaller devices like 7-inch tablets, etc.
  • Extended screen support API: Google has added more granular API support for different UI elements, allowing developers to better control their user interfaces across different device sizes.
  • Compatibility zoom: A new toggle is available that lets users choose to pixel-scale a fixed-sized app instead of the usual UI stretching. This is for apps not yet optimized for Honeycomb.
  • Media sync from SD card: We believe an app needs to first support this feature for it to be useful, but on devices that have a removable SD card, apps can now load and use movies, music, and other media files directly from the card.
Compatibility zoom, seen above for the game Jewellust, simply adds a small zoom button in the Android System Bar that lets you toggle between stretching an app to fill the screen or zooming an app to fill the screen. This feature is, of course, meant for the many (majority) of apps that don’t yet support larger tablet-sized screens. Unfortunately, there is no way to use the app at its intended resolution with a black border around it, like you can do on the iPad. While we understand Google’s reluctance to do this, these apps are going to look bad either way.

“Stretch to fill screen” mode

Here’s a look at the game Armored Strike in “stretch to fill” mode. This is how Android Honeycomb has handled undersized apps in the past. It doesn’t resize the graphics, but instead kind of zooms out and stretches backgrounds. A lot of apps and games appear warped with undersized items in strange places that the developer may not have intended.
Make note of the size of the menu as well. It’s small. If the game were designed with a tablet in mind, it would have a settings menu at the top of the screen, or integrated into the experience.

“Zoom to fill screen” mode

This is the same game, Armored Strike, played in pixel “zoom to fill screen” mode. Instead of stretching out the landscape, the tablet has displayed the app as it was originally intended to be played–just bigger. Like a phone, the menu takes up the whole bottom.
As much as we like a pure experience, the stretch mode was preferable in this case, simply because it let us view more of the battlefield. It should be noted that switching between modes isn’t seamless. When you swap, the app shuts down completely and you must restart it to see what the other mode looks like. As such, we imagine that a lot of people won’t even use this feature unless an app looks broken in the standard stretch to fit mode.

Google’s own apps aren’t tablet-ready

Perhaps Google should start doing more to solve the problem and kick developers into action instead of trying to make smartphone apps look better on a tablet screen. Our first suggestion to Google: drink your own kool-aid. Google isn’t even making all of its apps tablet compatible.
Take a look at the new Google+ app on the Xoom. It has no tablet optimization. How can Google expect developers to support its tablet OS if it isn’t doing so on its major app releases. Curiously, even though Google’s app could use some reformatting, the zooming option is not available. This is likely because Google+ is not a fixed-size app. It is, in its current state, an ugly resized app.

A small update

That’s about it. Aside from the app zooming, not a lot has changed for Android tablet owners, except those who have a 7-inch device, as those may finally make the jump from Android 2.X to 3.2 sometime in the near future. We haven’t yet noticed any slowdown or speedup from the update and the design of the OS remains identical to Android 3.0 and 3.1. For a more detailed look at the many small changes Google has made to Android 3.2, check out the developer overview.

马来西亚阿牛新戏《金童玉女》简介 ,續《初戀紅豆冰》另一电影。无原班人马特别是“太贵的李心潔或是梁靜茹




對此,被問是否因拍《初戀紅豆冰》後曾經歷“貧窮”的低潮期,而將其中的經歷寫進故事 他笑言“錢不是萬能,但沒錢就萬萬不能,這不算我的經歷,應說是“體驗”才恰當。”

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Malaysia no more "BERSIH" this word... government want to BAN "BERSIH" word forever !!!

By AsamLaksa, made-up journalist
13 July 2011, Kuala Lumpur. Today the Home Minister announced that Malaysians have decided on a ruling to ban the usage of the Malay word ‘bersih’ and remove it from history. The minister adds, “It is now a bad word, something that you should not say in front of your parents. It will not be ‘ber...apanama’ but ‘bers**t’.”
‘Bersih’ meaning ‘clean’ will be replaced with ‘kotor’ as soon as the legislation is gazetted. ‘Kotor’ is currently in use meaning dirty.
“The people in the government will start using ‘kotor’ today before the whole of Malaysia. So from now on, I say I am sangat kotor, the PM is kotor, (and) the government is kotor. This law will also be retro(spective) and we will work with Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka to change all old Malay books and writings. So past slogans will be Kotor, Cekap, Amanah. Very easy.”
As to the reason for this move, the honourable minister said, “We have reason for this.”
What about material bearing the word? “We will check all books. We give time for people to hand in books. Customs will seize all foreign books with the word and fine the importer.”
What if someone uses ‘bersih’? “The law will punish those that use it. We plan maybe RM20,000 fine with 1 year jail.”
When pointed out that this would disqualify people from running for parliament the reply was, “That’s why we have laws. We must obey the law. We will also ask religious leaders to make religious ruling to make this word haram and a sin. The cabinet suggest that you go to hell for saying this word.”
Won’t this confuse the public? “I not confused. Are you confused?”
When asked if this applies to East Malaysia the minister replied, “Of course. Then we have no problem like that banner in Kota Kinabalu.”
On the fate of the colour yellow: “Yellow colour is not a problem.”

Apple iPad 3 Rumours.... ideas leaks !!!

The iPad 2 is out, and the rumour factory's already moved on: it's predicting iPad 3 specifications including chips, cameras and retina displays - with a little bit of help from mysterious, unnamed people who can't possibly be identified.
How very convenient. So what's the word on the street about the next iPad?
Read on to find out. But first, our colleagues at have rounded up the latest rumours in the iPad 3 video below:
iPad 3 release date
This is the biggest rumour of all: an iPad 3 mere months after the iPad 2. An unnamed Apple employee says that the iPad 2 was a bit of a rush job, and "the third generation iPad is the one to make a song and dance about."
Respected Apple watcher John Gruber added fuel to that particular fire by strongly hinting that the iPad 3 release date will be in September 2011.
Gruber, who was musing about the HP TouchPad's potential summer release said: "Summer feels like a long time away.
"If my theory is right, they're not only going to be months behind the iPad 2, but if they slip until late summer, they might bump up against the release of the iPad 3."
If Gruber is right about this and the iPad 3 features in an Apple autumn line-up, then it looks like Apple is going to start offering a new iPad every six months.
Indeed, Reuters reports that the new iPad 3 is due in the fourth quarter of the year.
On 1 July, Digitimes reported that Taiwanese-based component suppliers were gearing up for production of iPad 3 and iPhone 5.

The iPad 3 specs include a dual-core processor...
It's possible that the iPad 3 will have a brand spanking new processor, Apple's A6, but if the rumoured release date is correct then time is awfully tight: we'd certainly expect to see an A5, not an A6, in the iPhone 5 when it turns up this summer.
Apple may well surprise us, of course, but we'd expect to see the same processor and graphics as the iPad 2 in the iPad 3: an A5 processor with PowerVR SGX543MP2 graphics. This one comes down to the iPad 3 release date: if it's 2011, expect an A5. If it's 2012, see below.

...unless iPad 3 has a quad-core processor
If the A6 is the next stage in the line - and we don't see a new iPad until 2012 - we could also be looking at a quad-core chip from Apple. Quad-core designs will be coming from all ARM partners late this year.
iPad 3 display
A retina display was widely predicted for the iPad 2, but of course the current iPad doesn't have a double-resolution display: for now, that's something you'll only get in the iPhone 4. Could a Retina Display be one of the features Apple didn't quite get into the iPad 2? Could be! It's the very first thing on our iPad 3 wish list.
Rumours of an HD screen on the iPad 3 gathered pace on 12 April 2011 when Digitimes reported that Apple is asking panel makers to provide screens that are capable of displaying higher image quality than the iPad 2.
On 26 May 2011, we reported that the iPad 3 could launch with a Samsung-made AMOLED screen, following rumours that Apple has been in talks on the matter with Samsung execs.
On 15 June we reported that the iOS 5 code hinted at a Retina Display for iPad 3.

The iPad 3 hardware could include an NFC chip
Apple's very interested in Near Field Communications, and one particularly tasty rumour at Cult of Mac suggests that the iPhone 5 will use NFC to take over nearby Macs, enabling you to use your data and settings with a flick of the wrist. Since the iPad 3 will follow the iPhone 5, if NFC's in one it'll probably be in the other too.
The iPad 3 specifications will include more storage
The iPad 2 has the familiar 16/32/64GB storage options, but as flash storage comes down in price a 128GB option for the iPad 3 isn't impossible - although that might depend on the current horrible situation in Asia, where the tsunami has caused chaos in parts of the electronics industry.

The iPad 3 features could include a Thunderbolt port
Two generations of USB-free iPads suggest that Apple just isn't interested in adding one, but the new Thunderbolt port found in the 2011 MacBook Pro could be another story: it's a combined accessory/display connector with astonishingly fast performance.

There could be more than one iPad 3
TUAW says the iOS 5 code features new code files for USB devices in the iOS 5 firmware, Through this, TUAW found references to an iPad3,1 and an iPad 3,2.

The iPad 3 could be made by someone other than Foxconn
Apple is said to be in talks with another Far Eastern manufacturer as the release of the iPad 3 nears. Digitimes says the company is looking to ramp up production soon. And, given there was a fire at usual supplier Foxconn in May, Quanta Computer and Pegatron Technology could benefit.

The iPad 3 specs might include an SD card slot
This was widely predicted for iPad 2 and, like the retina display, didn't materialise. One for version 3, perhaps? Using a separate adapter to read camera cards is rather inelegant and clunky.

The iPad 3 specification should include a better camera
The rear-facing camera on the iPad 2 isn't brilliant: an iPhone 4 camera and flash would do nicely.

The iPad 3 could feature a carbon fibre case
Apple has hired a carbon fibre expert, senior composites engineer Kevin Kenney, fuelling speculation that the next iPad could be encased in the lightweight material.

The iPad 3 price might be higher than the iPad 2
The iPad 2 didn't herald a price hike, but if the iPad 3's coming in September we don't think a massive iPad 2 price cut is very likely - which suggests that if the iPad 3 does appear then, it might be more of an iPad Pro - with a price to match.

Could the iPad 3 actually be an iPad 2 Plus?
An analyst has suggested that we could see an iPad 2 Plus on our Christmas wishlists. The so-called iPad 2 Plus isn't set to be a radical departure from the current iPad 2, with supply chain sources tipping an improved display (250-300 ppi as opposed to the current 132 ppi).

how Google + (google plus) beat facebook ?? see the new 10 features of google+


Can Google+ break Google's social circle of fail?
Is Google+ a legitimate threat to Facebook or just another half-baked social network?
The service already shows promise as the latest challenger to the throne with features for selectively posting content, chatting in a private hub called a Hangout, and viewing a news stream that suits your tastes.
The clean interface is attractive and ad-free, but Google needs to add new features quickly before the full rollout. Here are ten we want.
1. Improve Circles
Circles is a brilliant idea - Google obviously picked the one feature in Facebook that has never worked right. You can post messages to select groups, but Facebook still maintains a general feed for your profile. Anyone you have friended can see your profile. With Google+, you can select who sees the content you post. Still, it is a bit simplistic. We'd like to see sub-categories under each Circle and a better way to add users en masse, especially from one entire account like Twitter.
2. Analytics dashboard
For a company that practically invented analytics (with Google Analytics), we're surprised there are few reporting features. You can't see a daily summary of new (and lost) followers, and there is no scorecard that shows whether other users are re-posting your content and commenting - it needs something like SproutSocial (below). A daily snapshot would help motivate new users to engage with the service more. And, a feature that even shows whether people are clicking on your links, similar to the link-shortener, would also help add some value that Facebook lacks.
Features google+ needs

Samsung Galaxy S 2 on Windos Phone 7 version !!!

After sparking a furor in the Android world with its I9100 Galaxy S II flagship Samsung is obviously considering lending the form factor to another platform. A particularly juicy rumor has it that we will be seeing the ultra-powerful hardware run the latest edition of Microsoft's WP7, Mango.
The suspicion comes from a Bluetooth SIG certificate, issued to one Samsung i937. Seeing the profile of the smartphone it's obvious that it’s a WP7 device and plus the name has already surfaced through Occasional Gamers list of Windows Phone 7 handsets.
Now the bit where it shares the Galaxy S II hardware isn't as certain. It is based on the fact that the model name (SGH-i937) is really close to that of the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S II (SGH-i927). Well that and the fact that we would really love to see the super slim body and huge Super AMOLED Plus screen be available in as many forms as possible.
Of course a move to Windows Phone would also require the Galaxy S II chipset to be replaced with a Qualcomm Snapdragon, but those are quite capable too so it's no biggie.
Let's hope that Samsung doesn't leave us in the dark for much longer and unveils their upcoming WP7 smartphone soon. With the Mango update more or less bringing the Microsoft platform up to speed with its Android and iOS competitors, there'll be plenty of people waiting for some hot hardware to be announced to make the jump.

Motorala Droid 3 leaks !!! Specification and photo...


Motorola's third Droid phone is on its way and we've got the specs on the new keyboard phone, which include a dual-core processor and 4-inch qHD screen.

Motorola’s Droid really kicked off the mass adoption of Android. Well, it’s been two years since then and Motorola’s keyboarded phone is about to get its first actual overhaul. AndroidCentral got its hands on the full spec sheet for the Droid 3 and it looks, well, impressive.
According to the chart, which we’ve included below, the next Droid will run Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), have a 1GHz dual-core processor, and have a 960×540 (qHD) screen that stretches 4-inches, which is a bit larger than the last two Droids. Unfortunately the phone won’t be 4G, but in its place Motorola has included a GSM SIM, enabling the device to be used in overseas and in Europe, which mostly use GSM technology–Verizon runs on a technology called CDMA.
The camera and keyboard situations look decent as well. The new phone has a front camera and 8MP rear camera capable of capturing 1080p video, which is better than the 720 most phones and tablets have been getting. The keyboard will have five rows this time around with a dedicated row of numbers. This is fantastic for those who like to type quickly.
On a bittersweet note, the phone looks to have 16GB of internal flash storage, with a catch: there’s no MicroSD card slot. 16GB is more internal memory than most smartphones on the market, but if you’re heavy into downloading media, it may not be enough for you in the long run.
It’s estimated that the Droid 3 will hit Verizon shelves sometime in July.

Why Ipoh Computer Fair is more expensive compare with other place???

this is a rumor by someone...
The reason of Ipoh Computer Fair is more expensive compare with other place is because....
Ipoh most of the computer / IT company had sign an agreement...

what is inside the agreement??

1. To protect the ipoh computer market, all the product wil have a bottom price, means that that's a limit of discount, the price cannot drop over that limit, so that u can see almost all the stall's price is the same..

2. They are no joining other computer fair beside PC fair and IT fair.. so that next time maybe will have less computer fair in Ipoh... 

So.. how do u think future Ipoh IT market??

this is just a rumor... but if this is real?
what u think will affect??

1. Ipoh computer market will remain the higher price compare with other state.. this just cause ipoh ppl HAVE TO BUY EXPENSIVE IT STUFF !!!
2. Since not much computer fair in Ipoh, Ipoh mayb will start to BECOME OUTDATED compare with other place..
3. Ipoh's computer world WILL NOT HAVE GREAT IMPROVEMENT, since they just wanted to stay at the original place..

What is NEW in Internet Explorer 10.. Hands-on Review !!!

When IE head Dean Hachamovitch announced the first platform preview of IE 10 at the MIX conference in April he said further preview releases would be "between 8 and 12 weeks apart".
Platform Preview 2 arrives after 11 weeks and adds features for web apps, including Drag-drop and File Reader; so you can drag objects around on a web page - look for a magnetic fridge poetry demo on the IE test drive site soon - or drag files into browser windows to upload them and have that happen in the background.
File access is possibly the first feature from the HTML5 Labs previews to make it into IE.
PP2 also gets the web workers spec. Rob Mauceri, the lead program manager on the IE team, calls that "a popular request from developers" (we count it as the most common request in the IE blog after Flebox, which arrived in PP1) and it's going to make a big difference to the performance of web apps – and maybe your battery life.
With web workers, a web app can shift some code to a thread running in the background – so a game can be working out the next turn without slowing you down while you play (usually the JavaScript for that would slow down what you're doing).
This should work particularly well in IE because of the way the Chakra JavaScript engine can split code across multiple cores (and Microsoft's latest figures say that as of March 2011, the average PC has 2.4 cores).
Other browsers already support web workers, although Firefox 5 does not allow messages sent through a direct 'channel' between different pieces of background code which Microsoft says explains why PP2 does better than Firefox at its new Bellagio Fountain test drive demo.
FASTER: IE10 gets Web workers after other browsers…
FIREFOX 5: …Microsoft says Firefox is slower at this test because it doesn't have message channels
PP2 is the first browser to support three new performance APIs, including the Page Visibility setting that the Chrome team has been suggesting web sites use to check if a page is in a background or tab or a minimised window.
"If a web app is pinging the server for data it could be doing a lot of work and increasing the cost of running that server, none of which is needed because the window isn't visible to the user," Mauceri explained.
The IE team confirmed that IE10 PP2 is "the same HTML5 engine seen in the recent public "Windows 8" demos". One new feature that would explain the snappiness of the interface reflowing as you change the size of windows is Media Query Listeners; instead of the browser having to check periodically to see if you've changed the window size, changing the size sends a message to the server that it's changed and might need a new layout.
IE10 PP2 is also the first browser to include CSS3 Positioned Floats (a spec Microsoft recently proposed to the W3C) and Rob Mauceri told us this is "part of the bigger picture of where reading is going online, towards a more print-like experience"; once you have a multi-column page flowing through a grid (all standards added in PP1), you want to be able to position a picture and have the columns flow around it – and that could be useful for web app layouts too.
FULL HARDWARE: Using hardware acceleration PP2 shows more fireflies…
CHROME: It might run on XP but Microsoft shows Chrome lagging on this demo
There are also security improvements for embedding content like maps, ads or feeds form social networks in a web page using iframes; these will now run in a sandbox for extra security (again, something Microsoft tools us Firefox 5 doesn't support).
PP2 also adds HTML5 forms and fields that will only accept specific types of information like email addresses or telephone numbers (something Joe Marini first mentioned to us as coming in the Windows Phone version of IE in the Mango update, suggesting that might be a version somewhere between IE9 and IE10).
Mozilla evangelist Chris Blizzard recently told us Firefox is "almost as fast as IE9 and faster in some places" and Mike Belshie of the Chrome team showed background tabs in Chrome running faster than in IE9 at the Velocity conference this month (but using more battery to do it) but it looks like Microsoft is keeping up with performance improvements.
The IE team isn't afraid to point at problems in other browsers either.
COLOURFUL IE10: It's not enough to implement HTML5 if you get it wrong, says Microsoft
A demo titled 'how stuff works' (showing an HTML5 Canvas app that works in Chrome and Firefox but displays the wrong colours) could almost be called 'how IE10 works better'.
OFF-COLOUR FIREFOX: HTML5 is supposed to cope better with pages that aren't quite perfect – Firefox doesn't seem to manage that as well
GREY GOOGLE: Even worse, Chrome gets no colours at all
Although Mauceri diplomatically phrases it as "we've made a lot of progress as an industry but there is still work to do".

Nokia X7 Hands-on Review in DEPTH !!! A Symbian Anna phone...


Dressed to kill and with a fresh coat of paint on the interface, the Nokia X7 is keen to show there's still fight left in Symbian. The screen is a definite high point and the stainless steel body is fashioned like a stealth jet fighter. Symbian Anna adds in features that have been lacking in the OS, closing the gap on the competition.

Nokia X7 official photos
The Nokia X7 combines stainless steel and Gorilla glass into one seriously attractive package. It boasts stereo speakers (just two, rather than four as you might think looking at it) to justify its Xseries spot and an 8MP camera with 720p video recording.
The screen impressed us quite a bit as you'll see in our hardware chapter but that's not all we liked about the hardware. The software changes are not as far-reaching as we would have liked, but there are some key developments that that give Symbian a usability boost.
Here's the short version of what the Nokia X7 is about and what didn’t work out very well.

Key features

  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support
  • Penta-band 3G with 10.2 Mbps HSDPA and 2 Mbps HSUPA support
  • Stainless steel body
  • 4" 16M-color AMOLED capacitive touchscreen of 640 x 360 pixel resolution; Impressive brightness and Gorilla glass protection
  • 8 megapixel fixed-focus camera with dual-LED flash and 720p video @ 25fps recording; geotagging, face detection, smart zoom in video
  • Symbian Anna OS
  • 680 MHz ARM 11 CPU and 256 MB RAM
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • GPS receiver with A-GPS support and free lifetime voice-guided navigation
  • Digital compass
  • microSD card slot (8GB card pre-installed)
  • DivX and XviD video support
  • Built-in accelerometer and proximity sensor
  • Standard 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Stereo FM Radio with RDS
  • microUSB port
  • Flash and Java support for the web browser
  • Stereo Bluetooth 3.0
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Smart dialing and voice commands
  • Social networking integration

Main disadvantages

  • Symbian Anna is still catching up with Android and iOS
  • Uncomfortable volume rocker, SIM tray and microSD card slot
  • Camera lacks auto focus, oversharpens images
  • Relatively limited 3rd party software availability
  • No office document editing (without a paid upgrade)
  • Battery life is not on par with the best in business
Despite our complaints, this is the best that Symbian has ever looked and Nokia has picked excellent devices to carry it. While the other one, the Nokia E6, is a business phone through and through, the X7 focuses on the fun stuff. From taking photos and videos, through deeper social networking integration, to watching HD videos and browsing the web on the large 4" screen.
The Nokia X7 is something you'll want to show off to your friends. The Nokia designers have done a good job of breaking the touchscreen mould that makes so many phones look uniformly similar.
Nokia X7 00 Nokia X7 00 Nokia X7 00 Nokia X7 00
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