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cheapest snorkeling, adventure, fantasea price travel in phuket, thailand.. Viewpoint and beach in phuket

phuket city is a famous tourist place..
everything need to bargain..
to get the cheapest price..
so here is the cheapest price at phuket that i can bargain..
and the price is at the low season..

cheapest snorkeling package at phuket..
for this.. 
normal price would be 3000 baht...
but for low season..
most of the tour can be reduce price..
for this package..
go Khai Nok island + Phi Phi Don island + Monkey Beach + Viking Cave + Pileh lagoon + Loh Samah Bay + Maya Bay, snorkeling and sightseeing...
the cheapest price is just 950 baht each (for 9 ppl tour)...
(the speed boat total around 45 ppl per trip)

for snorkeling, if want cheaper still got another package,
it's using BIG BOAT...
this cheapest snorkeling package using big boat can get it on around 750 baht..
when i saw this..
more than few hundred people ther.. i not dare to take this trip..
also a 1 day trip.. but go less place..

the next one is the adventure program..
ATV + elephant trekking + water rafting + flying force at phuket..
the normal price 2800 baht...
but i can get for 1200 baht per person...
then the famous Fantasea show..

the cheapest fantasea show in phuket can get actually is 1250 baht without dinner..
1500 baht with dinner..
get it at the tour agency..
*btw.. the review state that the dinner is just so so.....

follow by the drink and snack...
better dun buy it on the roadside..
go to the family store ther or the 7-11 at phuket...
it will be cheapest drink and snack at phuket..
normal beer 30++ baht..
drinking water 10++ baht...
compare to the road side stall will be cheap a lot..

For ur dinner...
if u at patong beach..
if u want eat cheap and those local food..
MuST GO banzaan market..

(search for the place)
better go to ther banzaan market..
nearby ther got night market for everynight..
the food is cheap and nice..
can get the thai fried noodle with only 20 baht..

the motorbike rental at phuket is around 200 baht each..
excluded petrol..
btw.. it's worth to travel using it..
i take 5 bike and get discount 900 baht for 5 motorbike...

for cheapest hotel in phuket..
online booking will be cheaper..
200 baht per person can stay in patong backpacker hostel..
and it's quite strategic, near to the beach and the bangla road..
that famous in patong phuket..
but a bit far from the night market banzaan market..

the tuk tuk taxi in patong will be very expensive..
rather dun take it..
get a gps walk around will be better...
rent a bike.. ride round the phuket town will be fun enough...
can go all the beach, all the view point...

first... the cleanest beach at phuket..
i will say it's best beach at phuket.. karon beach...
 u see the water and the's super great ~~
 next will be kata beach..
not as good as karon beach, but still good.. 

 kata viewpoint...
nice viewpoint at phuket..
can see kata beach, karon beach and kata noi beach..
 another viewpoint nearby...
Rang Hill viewpoint..

 lastly.. go to the famous viewpoint..
phromthep cape viewpoint at phuket...
u can see SUPER LOT people ther on top of it..

but i can slidely trekking for 15 minutes.. go to the end of it..

phuket town weekend night market is a MUST GO place..
it sell lot of nice food ther...
and it's cheap and special..

the price is for the low season (around end of april to mid of october)...


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  2. hie, can you tell me, which tour agent you used for the snorkeling?
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