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Government NOT pay all RM50mil for 1Malaysia email.. but "just" pay RM0.50 per email...

if RM0.50 per email.. how many email government sent every year? how many ppl they will sent?

do u think the cost lower than RM50mil?

Pemandu: Government agencies to pay for 1 Malaysia email database

April 21, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, April 21 — The Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) has said government agencies will pay Tricubes Bhd to use the company’s 1 Malaysia e-mail database, which it called both a government and private initiative.
“Agencies would have to pay a certain fee to use that, as in any other e-mail database,” business services NKEA communications content and infrastructure director Dr Fadhlullah Suhaimi Abdul Malek said in an interview on radio station BFM today.
He said Tricubes’ database of verified e-mail addresses would ensure that correspondence from government agencies got to their intended recipients, adding that this would “quickly move citizens into the digital age”.
“What’s important is actually the database,” he said. “That... information gets verified because it is then linked to the National Registration (Department).”
Fadhlullah pointed out it was cheaper for agencies to send e-mails than regular mail, and estimated that going digital would save the government anywhere between 50 sen to RM1.50 for each e-mail.
He explained that the cost of printing, envelopes, postage and dispatch came up to RM1.00 per letter, which could double if a misaddressed letter was sent back.
“The poor taxpayer, without realising, is actually allowing wastage of RM2.00 per post that goes out,” Fadhlullah said.
He cautioned, however, that these expected savings were based on Tricubes’ own estimates and that the actual cost per unit would vary depending on the volume and complexity of the transaction.
Reflecting the earlier confusion on Pemandu’s website, Fadhlullah first said the 1 Malaysia e-mail project was “government initiated and private sector led” before referring to it later as a “private sector initiative”.
Pemandu was forced earlier today to defend changes on its webpage for the 1 Malaysia email project, claiming the switch of the project’s description from a government to a private sector initiative was to correct “a genuine error”.
Fadhlullah nonetheless stressed that no public funds would be used at any point to develop the e-mail service despite the fact that it may fail.
He said the project would be entirely market driven, with Tricubes bearing the risk entirely if the 1 Malaysia e-mail project did not get off the ground.
“They must make it unique, make it compelling and they must make sure they can run a service that has value for end users,” he said.
“If they fail to deliver they lose their investment... There is no loss to the government or the taxpayer.”

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