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one of the best choice phone under RM1k--> samsung galaxy Ace

When Samsung introduced its range of four new affordable Android devices early February this year we noted that the Samsung Galaxy Ace would very likely make its way to Malaysia.
Specifically, in our earlier post we said:
The Samsung Galaxy family will be showcased at the Mobile World Congress on February 14. No word on pricing or whether there will be availability here in Malaysia but if we know Samsung Malaysia then we know that at least one out of this four Galaxy phones will make it here. Our bet’s on the Galaxy Ace.
And so here it is the Galaxy Ace is now available in Malaysia for a RM1 under RM1,000. With a 800Mhz processor, Android 2.2 froyo, a 5MP camera and a 3.5-inch 320×480 screen along with a host of other useful features, it’s hard to recommend a more decently speced Android at this price point.
The only thing that baffled us is how the marketing people didn’t promote the Galaxy Ace as aggressively as we think they should. It’s a good phone with a good price, there’s really a lot to like.
Here’s hoping Samsung Mobile Malaysia would be proactive in promoting their mobile devices and not just focus on the big ticket items like the Nexus S. And when they do focus on the big ticket items, we hope they make sure its reasonably priced as well.
Head on to after the jump for the full specs of the Samsung Galaxy Ace.

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