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Why Ipoh Computer Fair is more expensive compare with other place???

this is a rumor by someone...
The reason of Ipoh Computer Fair is more expensive compare with other place is because....
Ipoh most of the computer / IT company had sign an agreement...

what is inside the agreement??

1. To protect the ipoh computer market, all the product wil have a bottom price, means that that's a limit of discount, the price cannot drop over that limit, so that u can see almost all the stall's price is the same..

2. They are no joining other computer fair beside PC fair and IT fair.. so that next time maybe will have less computer fair in Ipoh... 

So.. how do u think future Ipoh IT market??

this is just a rumor... but if this is real?
what u think will affect??

1. Ipoh computer market will remain the higher price compare with other state.. this just cause ipoh ppl HAVE TO BUY EXPENSIVE IT STUFF !!!
2. Since not much computer fair in Ipoh, Ipoh mayb will start to BECOME OUTDATED compare with other place..
3. Ipoh's computer world WILL NOT HAVE GREAT IMPROVEMENT, since they just wanted to stay at the original place..


  1. Ipoh is a small market. There are too many PC fair, even some computer shop organize their own "PC Fair". PC fair not like PC fair. Selling those china brand tablet or mp3 only. I'm wondering, it is PC Fair or electronic fair or something else?

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