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Bank Negara Malaysia issue new coins 5sens, 10sens, 20sens & 50sens. photo revealed !

Bank Negara Malaysia will issuing the new third issue of coins beginning next year !!!

Bank Negara Malaysia will replace the current coins now in circulation with a new design that will be lighter and harder to counterfeit, said the central bank at 25/07/2011...

The 50 sen coin will weigh 5.66g and is made from nickel brass clad in copper, while the nickel-brass 20 sen coin weighs in 4.18g.
The 10 sen coin will tip the scales at 2.98g and is made from stainless steel, while the 5 sen coin, which is also stainless steel, weighs 1.72g.
The new coins all feature a hibiscus motif on the front while the 50 sen coin will have pea tendrils on the back. The 20 sen coin will feature a jasmine flower, the 10 sen coin an Orang Asli weave pattern, and the 5 sen coin a Kadazan Dusun “destar siga” cloth design.
Commemorative coin sets are available for RM10 at the Bank Negara headquarters and branches starting tomorrow.
Apart from the new coins, the first in 20 years and only the third in Malaysia’s coin series, Zeti also said that the prime minister will also be launching a new bank note series in September.

FAQ from Bank Negara Malaysia

1. Why is BNM introducing the new third series of Malaysian coins?

The introduction of the new third series Malaysian coins is undertaken to gradually replace the existing series that has been in circulation for more than 20 years. The new coins incorporate modern, practical features and latest advancements in technology to enhance the usage and security.

The new coins series will be issued in the denominations of 5 sen, 10 sen, 20 sen and 50 sen.
2. What are the denominations of the new coins series?

The new coins series is smaller and lighter making it more user friendly for the public. The yellow and white coloured coins and the edge designs will enable the public and also the visually impaired to identify and distinguish more effectively the different denominations.
3. What are the benefits of the new coins series?
The new series of coins embodies the latest advancements in minting technology which incorporates improved counterfeit resistance security features. The new metal alloys used for minting have enhanced durability against wear and corrosion. The technical specifications for the new and existing coins series are as follows:
Technical Specifications:
a. New Coins Series
Face Value
50 sen
20 sen
10 sen
5 sen
Nickel Brass Clad Copper
Nickel Brass
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Diameter (mm)
Weight (gram)
b. Existing Coins Series
Face Value
50 sen
20 sen
10 sen
5 sen
Copper Nickel 75/25
Copper Nickel 75/25
Copper Nickel 75/25
Copper Nickel 75/25
Diameter (mm)
Weight (gram)

The theme for the new coins series is “Distinctively Malaysia”, which is also adopted for the banknotes series. The new series draws inspiration from the distinctive features that define the nation's rich culture and heritage. The design motifs were crafted in the form of nature, flora and fauna and traditional handicraft which is uniquely Malaysia. The motifs for each denomination are as follows:
4. What is the theme and motifs used for the new coins series?
Motif Design
5 sen
Destar Siga
10 sen
Orang Asli Motif
20 sen
Bunga Melur
50 sen
Sulur Kacang

The new security features incorporated in the new coins series are clad material, latent image and 'spanish flower' shape. They can be found in 50 sen coins.
5. What are the new security features incorporated in the new coins series?

Yes. The coins come in different sizes, edges and colours to assist the visually impaired person. The improved features of the new coins series are as follows:
6. Are there any features to make the coins more user friendly to the visually impaired persons?
5 senPlain edgeWhite
10 senMilled edgeWhite
20 senCoarse edgeYellow
50 senSpecial edge with 9 indentsYellow

The new coins series will be made available for circulation in early 2012.
7. When will the new coins series be made available for circulation?

The existing coins will continue to be legal tender. The new coins series will co-circulate alongside the existing series until the existing series are gradually phased out.
8. What will happen to the existing coins in circulation? Should I exchange the existing coins to the new ones? Why?

Yes, the coin can be used with the various coins accepting machines after these machines have been calibrated. Machine vendors are given 6 months to calibrate their machines to ensure public convenience.
9. Will the coin accepting machines (e.g. parking, vending, coin deposit machines) be ready to accept the new coins?

The Bank is issuing initially 50,000 sets of commemorative coins for sale at RM10 per set and will increase to 500,000 sets in stages.
10. Where can I buy the commemorative version of the new coins series?
Members of the public can purchase the commemorative coins over the counter from 26 July 2011 at:
  1. BNMLINK (Laman Informasi Nasihat & Khidmat)
    Ground Floor, Block D
    Bank Negara Malaysia
    Jalan Dato' Onn
    50480 Kuala Lumpur

    Contact No. : +603 2698 8044 / 9044 (ext: 7417 / 7390)
  2. Bank Negara Malaysia branches at Pulau Pinang, Johor Bahru, Kuala Terengganu, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.

Yes. Bank Negara Malaysia will be issuing the commemorative new Fourth Series of banknotes in September 2011. The new banknotes series will be available for circulation in 1st Quarter 2012.
11. Will BNM introduce a new series for the banknotes?


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