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Samsung Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4 !!! camera wars... with video..

So we know that the Galaxy S II is coming to town with Maxis. It’s a safe bet to think that the launch will be within this month. So while we wait for the actual launch let’s find out more about this dual-core Sammy that a lot of people have been waiting for.
Check out the video for a very good and detailed comparison of the 8MP camera on the Galaxy S II against the iPhone 4′s 5MP main camera. Some may argue that this is an unfair comparison but we’ll tell you that judging a camera’s performance mainly on its MP count is not really a good idea. You’re not getting the whole picture.
The video looks beyond MP count and goes into details like colour production, saturation and video performance amongst other things. It is well worth six minutes of your time.

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  1. In my Opinion between iphone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S2, it is hard to determined the camera quality both have their own unique picture quality.


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