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June apple will announce new iphone.. iphone 4S? or iphone 5?

Apple iPhone 4
As we head into a nice long Memorial Day weekend, you may be fretting that you won’t get your usual weekly iPhone rumor fix. Never fear: Electricpig has the latest on the Apple phone front—namely that the company might debut an iPhone 4S in the near future.
According to the blog, Apple’s UK iPhone PR team is inviting British-based journalists to the company’s WWDC developer conference, taking place June 6th-10th in San Francisco. And while it looks like the iPhone 5 may be slated for a late fall or 2012 release date, the fact that the iPhone PR team is pushing for publicity suggests that a phone-related announcement will be made at the upcoming conference.
Electricpig claims this alleged iPhone 4S will be somewhat of a tweener—a halfway step between the iPhone 4 and the thinner, aluminum-backed iPhone 5. The blog’s sources say the iPhone 4S will have better cameras, an A5 dual-core processor, and HSPA+ support. In any case, June 6th is just around the corner, so we’ll know more about this mystery phone (and if it truly exists) soon.

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