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Laser Tag now available in IPOH !!!

if u talk about u want a WAR GAMES with ur frens...
what type of war game weapon u prefer?

once upon a time...
i will choose the below one..
but.. now i already out of the age range...
so no more toy gun....

mayb someone will prefer..
i would like to choose it also..
but it only applicable in outdoor..
and the water.. 
always need to refill and not so excited...
since it's water.
why dun just play water.. ahhahahha

then... if before this...
most of the people prefer

act i really like this sooooo much..
play lot if time..
but the paintball is really PAIN..
everytime i play also will get hurt in my body...
so not a good choice to play with friend.
since we just want to have fun but not pain..

then i think the most suitable choice is...
why i choose this.. because this concept and the excited level almost same as paintball...
but this is "paintball - pain"..
this is a painless BEST war games ....
when u hit by the gun, the vibrator will vibrate to alert u...
sound interesting.. right?

normally the people's response will be...
what is this?
how is it?
where it available?
who is suitable to play this?

 so let me tell u now...
1. what is this?
LASER TAG is a team or individual sport or recreational activity where players attempt to score points by tagging targets, typically with a hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device. Infrared-sensitive targets are commonly worn by each player and are sometimes integrated within the arena in which the game is played. It's a new technology of shooting war games, it is quite similiar to paint ball but it's very safe.

2. how it it?
In my opinion, it's FUN.. why? because
a.  it's painless.. not like the paintball...
b. it's no more dirty.. no need worry ur shirt hit by the paint or play it outdoor.
c. a fair result- ur accuracy and ur mark is calculate by computer, can get a clear data and cheating can not be done.. hiak hiak.. 
d. a great teambuilding based on teamwork- teamwork needed to complete a mission.
e. a very safe games- no need worry about the safety, because it no physical hit when shoot on ur friends. 

and many more.. waiting u to explore it !!

3. Where is it available?
act this similar stuff available in few place in malaysia. but laser tag is available in 
2nd floor, Glamour Square Shopping Centre,
Persiaran Bercham Selatan 20,
31400 Bercham, Ipoh, Perak.
or click HERE..
or else contact at
phone/fax: 055460887
h/p: 0165536911
facebook pages:

4. Who is suitable play this?
no age limited.. so u can bring ur whole family come along...
*but preferable 6 years and above due the the weight of the equipment is not suitable for them to carry throughout the games


after this.. let me let u know more about this LASER TAG....
this is the equipment

during the games...
use ur gun to shoot on ur opponent...
(dont try to shoot ur team mate, because friendly fire is available. LOL) 

u may also hide beside all this props..

and this have a lot of games available..
not just u shoot me i shoot u.. 
click here for the detail !

faster book it !


  1. Oh yeah, laser tagging can be super fun, without the pain of paint balling :)

  2. Oh!!!!
    Nice guns......
    I like to play online game. Thanks for sharing. I am always looking out for War Game

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    It’s an ideal activity for kids and teenagers birthday parties!
    Mobile laser tag is an exciting, new and fun way to experience the thrill of outdoor skirmish.

    laser tag party


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