see here !

see here ~


erm.. the cube.. my 1st idea come out will be....
for me.. it's call "master cube",
because, till now i still cant solve this cube yet...

bw. the cube that i talking now is not this cube.. but is...
quite similiar,, right? 

i think this is another "master cube"?
it's master on our daily life.
what we do they also offer...
example.. i like music...
(music is my life)
i like games...
(especially while waiting somewher, we spend lot of time on waiting !!)
i like facebook...
(it's part of my life)
i like football...
(i think i got football fever ! LOL)
i like make new friend..
(no ppl will hate to make more friend, right?)
and a lot a lot.. most of it inside this cube...
what i want to say is all in 1 cube..
*some market available package u may choose few of it...
but now i can have it all in once. hoho*

the cube got 4 cube..

u can download lot of hottest music, movie soundtrack,call me tones and etc...
beside.u can have some fun talk.
(fun talk is something like sms ur voice to ur frens)..
and now. it can attach with background music,,
it's warm especially during festival..
and we can replay and replay the voice.. =)

as u see.. PLAY !!!
we should play before our life end....
no more play outdated games..
but it's the GREAT games and not like our ancient phoen games,
just like the original version of snake... LOL....
beside.. i can join the Gamers club in the famous company...
enjoy the games till the MAX !!

it's sure FUN to see this..
life shouldn't be bored..
with colourful + funny + meaningful MMS>...
life is getting more better.. 
and we can poke our with with some voice effect some more... LOL..
beside.. u shouldn't miss ur FOOTBALL news...
and here.. the cube get all !

as u see... fren...
it's a GREAT PLATFORM to connect with old fren and make new fren?
with FB + Tweeter + Social SMS and etc etc...
u can still connected ur BEST FREN, HI & BYE FREN, and ANYFREN..
to get a new fren..
it's just easy with the FRENCLUB, LOVE, UNIVERSAL and etc etc..
the whole world of ppl can be ur's fren =) 

but.. i like the most the FRENCUBE...
life can't without friends...
and i can simply connect with my fren through FB..
(so sad my smart phone just spoil, and now i can still access it with my ancient phone!
with just RM1 per week i can connected with all my fren, even make a date)
beside... when i feel bored and my fren busy..
i can easy get a new fren through FRENCLUB..
without really reveil my own identity..
just have a simple talk to fill my bored time..
or can have flirt with someone... XOXO

so.. What's the reason u dun want THE CUBE?

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