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MyDistress connect u to PDRM (Polis Diraja Malaysia) for emergency alerts with JUST A CLICK !!!

One of the key challenges when requesting emergency assistance is communication.

When out in the streets, sometimes you are unsure of the exact location that you are in, which is then difficult for the rescue team to find you quickly.

When in scenario such as kidnap, where you could not speak or communicate your movement, you could not alert the rescue team of your movement for rescue operation.

When one is in distress, you could be too traumatized to speak or for individuals with hearing or speech impaired, it would be tough to communicate calmly to the rescue team.

Hence, with MyDistress, you could alert the police department of your emergency situation with just a click.

still not clear? let's see the FAQ MyDistress
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What if I have 2 phones?
      • You could register MyDistress for both phones as its service is bind to your mobile number.
  1. What happen if I change a new phone but the SIM card is the same?
      • Register MyDistress on your new phone with the same SIM card as the service is bind to your mobile number.
  1. What happen if I lost my phone and got a new phone with new SIM card with the same number?
      • Register MyDistress on your new phone with the new SIM card and same number as the service is bind to your mobile number.
  1. What if I terminate my old number and insert a new SIM card?
      • Send an email to stating that you have changed to a new phone number to update your information.
  1. Are all my movement tracked by Police?
      • No, we respect your privacy and we do not track your location / movement if you do not turn on MyDistress.
  1. What if I lost my phone, can it be traced?
      • No, we cannot trace your phone that is lost as we do not track your location unless MyDistress is turned on.
  1. What if my battery runs flat?
      • If your battery runs flat, you would not be able to turn on the MyDistress application.
      • If your battery runs flat in the state of SOS, we locate your last location before your battery runs flat.
  1. What situation can I use MyDistress?
      • Use of MyDistress should be an emergency. You should use this service only to alert police in situations when you need an immediate response - if a crime / incident is happening now or if anyone/property is in immediate danger.
  1. Why do I need to provide a picture of myself? (iPhone & Android users only)
      • By providing a picture would help the Police officer sent to your location to identify you easily.
  1. What if I do not have an email account?
      • If you do not have an email account, kindly provide your name at the email field.
  1. What happen if I have no network connection when I click on MyDistress SOS?
      • You only have to press ON SOS once, MyDistress will continue to send signal and automatically connect to notify Police once you have network connections.
  1. What happen when Police reaches me?
      • When the Police arrives to your aid, disable the SOS request by turning off MyDistress.
  1. Is there any charges to MyDistress services?
      • Subscription of RM2/month effective Jan 2012
      • Telco charges may apply on data usage.
      • PDRM do not profit from MyDistress, the charges applied goes to maintaining the systems and enhancement to MyDistress.
  1. What happen if I am not in Selangor?
      • Currently, MyDistress is only supported within Selangor as this is PDRM Selangor initiative. If outside Selangor, MyDistress signal cannot be transmitted and you would see an error message.
  1. Can I register for property not in Selangor?
      • No, you can only register a property within Selangor.
  1. I am not in Selangor but my property is in Selangor, can I still use MyDistress for emergency alert?
      • Yes, as long as the location that requires assistance is within Selangor, we would be able to dispatch Police to the location.
  1. Can MyDistress track me when I am within a building?
      • For use within building, we strongly suggest you to use the Preset Location Alert by presetting your location as GPS chip in certain mobile devices is not as good.
  1. Can MyDistress track which level I am on within high rise building?
      • No. the current solution only tracks your longitude and latitude coordinate. You would need to enter the level you are at within Preset Location Alert for high rise building.
  1. What if I accidentally turn ON MyDistress SOS?
      • Immediately cancel it by hitting the “Off SOS” button.
  1. How to cancel MyDistress?
      • Hit the “Off SOS” button to cancel.
  1. How do I get back on the service once suspended?
      • You will have to appeal to PDRM via in order to reactivate your account.

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